Cape Cod Baseball has been known as a great local and free fun pastime on Cape Cod since 1885. At 923 the amount of players moving on to the majors is making the case that a trip to Cape Cod for the summer could be more important than you might think for some of these future MLB prospects. Nine hundred twenty three players have played at least one game in both the major leagues and the Cape Cod League as of February 2012. I've seen many great games here and the quality of ball rivals going to the Pawsox often better. Here is map of Cape Cod with the CCL parks
This place is a lot of fun and its open late May through Labor Day. You can listen on the fm radio in your car or the old 1950's era mono speakers. They charge by the person and it's comparable to regular cinema prices, bring cash because they didn't take cards when I was there. The snack bar is exactly the same as it was back in the early 1970's pretty cool. Wellfleet Drive In

Best Cape Cod Beaches Map 

# 1 Craigville Beach is the best beach on cape cod! They have bathrooms, a snack bar and life guards. The water stays warm all summer unlike...

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Afraid of the bridge traffic? Sunday's can be easy to get on the Cape and hard to get off so we opted for Plymouth,MA. You can enjoy watching Plymouth Harbor boat traffic and Plymouth Rock for free. The first thing we saw was a live statue of a turn of the century woman all in white...she had the appearance of a ghost, she must be hot Read more: Plymouth Rocks with Hot Ghost
Main Street - Hyannis, MA -- Free live magic shows are just one of the draws every Thursday in the summer from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Each Thursday musicians and entertainers descend upon Main Street in Hyannis.We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the entertainers, there were jazz bands, rock bands, and soloists. We even spotted one smiling lady walking alone and playing a violin (quite well in fact) seemingly happy to have a place to play. The kids really enjoyed the street performers who juggled and played tricks on their willing volunteers. Overall a fun place to get an ice cream or buy a gift or Read more: Street Walkers Get Tricks for Free - Cape Cod
After a searing double (close to a home run ) by a Chatham Anglers player. The bat that hit the shot was examined by the umpires and determined to be a composite material. Cape Cod Baseball League rules allow only wooden bats. I was at the game and the bat in question had a black handle with what looked like a wood grain but even from a few feet away it looked a little too perfect. One of the Bourne Braves coaches yelled out " it must be composite that's as far as I hit my driver" eliciting laughs from the crowd. The player was ruled out and there was an announcement that the game was being played under protest. We can assume this was from the Chatham Anglers as the Bourne Braves staff looked rather pleased as the player at second base walked sheepishly from the field. Fortunately the hit wasn't a determining factor in the game but the Chatham Anglers did go on to defeat the Bourne Braves 2-0. For interactive maps with directions from anywhere check out maps to cape cod league parks.
The Cape Cod Base Ball League kicks off with an opening day at Cha @ Cot 5:00, Fal @ Bre 5:00, YD @ Bou 6:00, YD @ Bou 6:00, YD @ Bou 6:00 on Friday, June 10, 2011. Click on the Harwich Mariners link here for interactive map with directions. This page has directions to all the Cape Cod League parks. This is only the second time opening day will be we held at just one field allowing all the CCBL fans to enjoy opening day together. The Cape League is where some MLB's best players have played summers. Approximately one in seven MLB players played in the Cape League, including Kevin Youkilis,Mo Vaughn, Frank Thomas, Jason Bay, Nomar Garciaparra, and Jason Varitek just to name a few. The games are free ( donation requested) so come on down and see some future stars.



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